PHILADELPHIA and DENVER, July 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cabaletta Bio, Inc. (Nasdaq: CABA), a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of engineered T cell therapies for patients with B cell-mediated autoimmune diseases, and Artisan Bio, Inc., a precision cell therapy engineering company, today announced they have signed a research and collaboration agreement to accelerate development of next-generation CAAR T cell therapies for patients with B cell-mediated autoimmune diseases.

“This collaboration agreement with Artisan provides Cabaletta Labs with the potential to integrate this advanced gene editing and engineering technology into our next-generation CAAR T products as we continue to expand and enhance our CABA platform,” said Gwendolyn Binder, Ph.D., EVP Science and Technology at Cabaletta Bio. “Similar to the engineering and manufacturing developments taking place for CAR T therapies in oncology, gene editing provides Cabaletta with an important tool to develop next-generation CAAR T products with the potential for enhanced manufacturing and/or clinical outcomes in patients with autoimmune disorders.”

“We are excited to launch this new collaboration with Cabaletta and their innovative platform for next-generation CAAR T products,” said Tanya Warnecke, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer at Artisan Bio. “Cabaletta’s approach for developing improved cell therapies is an excellent match for Artisan’s genome engineering platform, and we look forward to contributing to their efforts to improve patient outcomes”.

Under the terms of the agreement, Artisan will collaborate with Cabaletta to enhance certain Cabaletta pipeline products at specific targets using its platform technology and gene editing expertise. Cabaletta will be responsible for the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of the resulting modified cell therapy products. The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

About CAAR T Cell Therapy

Chimeric AutoAntibody Receptor (CAAR) T cells are designed to selectively bind and eliminate only disease-causing B cells, while sparing the normal B cells that are essential for human health. CAAR T cells are based on the chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell technology. While CAR T cells typically contain a CD19-targeting molecule, CAAR T cells express an autoantibody-targeted antigen on their surface. The co-stimulatory domain and the signaling domain of both a CAR T cell and a CAAR T cell carry out the same activation and cytotoxic functions. Thus, Cabaletta Bio’s CAARs are designed to direct the patient’s T cells to kill only the pathogenic cells that express disease-causing autoantibodies on their surface, potentially leading to complete and durable remission of disease while sparing all other B cell populations that provide beneficial immunity from infection.

About Cabaletta Bio

Cabaletta Bio is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of engineered T cell therapies for patients with B cell-mediated autoimmune diseases. The Cabaletta Approach to selective B cell Ablation (CABA) platform, in combination with Cabaletta’s proprietary technology, utilizes Chimeric AutoAntibody Receptor (CAAR) T cells that are designed to selectively bind and eliminate only specific autoantibody-producing B cells while sparing normal antibody-producing B cells, which are essential for human health. The Company’s lead product candidate, DSG3-CAART, is being evaluated in the DesCAARTes phase 1 clinical trial as a potential treatment for patients with mucosal pemphigus vulgaris, a prototypical B cell-mediated autoimmune disease. The FDA granted Fast Track Designation for DSG3-CAART in May 2020. The Company’s lead preclinical product candidate, MuSK-CAART, is in IND-enabling studies, and is designed as a potential treatment for patients with MuSK-associated myasthenia gravis. For more information, visit

About Artisan Bio:

Artisan’s vision is to design, build, and deliver cells and precision engineering processes that advance cellular therapies across a broad range of human health indications. The company’s designer cell engineering and data analysis STAR platform enables partners to more rapidly and cost effectively generate safer and more efficacious cell therapies.  By engaging in strategic collaborations with innovative partners, Artisan seeks to deliver customizable cell engineering solutions that meet the complexities associated with next-generation cell therapies.  Artisan has offices in Denver, Colorado and Copenhagen, Denmark. For more information, please visit

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